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Art Commissions!

Greetings! You may have notice my Collabinator thingamajig. Indeed, I am open for commissions. If you're interested, I will provide a link to the guidelines and pricing to get one done! Though, there will be a limited amount of slots, depend how overwhelm I am, so I suppose first in best dress! Anyways, thanks if you do like my art style and pieces, and are interested and getting something done by me!

Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/collab/view/13286


Biggie Beeko's Art Comm - (Elitos-5)



Welcome! I normally go by Elitos-5 for my artist name, but just go with whatever! This post will be mainly for commission requests, or perhaps if you're a fellow artists, an art trade of the sorts! Though, I will display some most recent artworks to get an idea of what style I posses. Down below this segment, I will be listing rules that I will and will not do, just more for my own sanity and skill level.



Here's all the info I will provide, which will include my rules and prices for each requests!

General Commission Prices

Finer Sketch - $10 AUD


Flat Colours - $20 AUD


Shading - $30 AUD



For any additional characters wanted to be added to the commission, the cost will be half the base rate added onto it.

i.e - $10 for finer sketch, plus another char will make it $15 in total (AUD)

Also, wanting a full body will vary the price, but that can be discuss via contact. I will list ways to contact me down below. 

Payment will be divided into two parts. A rough sketch will done first and changes will be made according to your decision. However, if you do approve, my PayPal link will be sent via what ever method of contact you are using. The final payment will be made once the final product is done. Will allow any minor changes in between, as well provide updates on the progress!


Will's and Wont's

What I will do:

- SFW (Of course)

- Anything from the Fantasy or Scifi genre. (Can be both combined - As well include things from games or Original character etc.)

- Additional characters (Price may vary)

- Any body shots - Head, torso etc (Price may vary)

- Black and white shots, if you do not prefer colour. (Price may vary)

What I won't do:

- NSFW (Though I can do some gore!)

- Anthros (May be discussed - Though, I'm excluding lizardfolk from this list, cause I can do them!)

- Backgrounds (They will be simple coloured backgrounds, or transparent. I'm not comfortable with doing a proper background.)

- Portraits of people IRL, or OCs based of people IRL. 



Here's a few places where you can hit me up!

Newgrounds: https://elitos-5.newgrounds.com/

Discord: Worships-With-Blood [not revark]#2749

Email: revarky@gmail.com (Alt email, might change - not really checked upon)

Feel free to shoot me a DM by either contacts for any questions or request - art trades included!



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